[ i have no idea what i'm doing ]


this is a web page where i ramble about random things. think of it like a blog, i guess. not really, but my thoughts can get kind of random sometimes.

about me

i'm not really sure what to say about myself. i figured this is the kind of thing that people have on their blogs, though. or maybe more 'about the author'. yeah, yeah, that makes sense.

i guess i should put stuff about me here.

hi, i'm cal. i play the clarinet. i like kayaking and paddleboarding. i play dungeons and dragons. i like minecraft. i love reading and creative writing.


i really want to figure out how to make a navigation bar. the next time i have an open space like this i will have one. i promise.

i figure it can't be that hard, right? i've been teaching myself html through w3 schools over the summer, and it's been very useful. surely they've got something on nav bars there.

actually, i think i'll go cchecck right now. brb


i've decided that maybe i should just flex instead of doing soemthing productive. maybe i could do hyperlinks. i love footnotes[1].

the thing about foootnotes, though, is that you need to have a little 'return to page' function so you dopn't have to scroll back up. i should do that[2].

what else can i do untill ? I have to eat lunch[3], then.


[1] foootnotes, while not my favorite thing, are something i greatly enjoy when reading.[back to text]

[2] i have, in fact, included places for you to navigate back up.[back to text]

[3] lunch is a loose word for what i mean. usuallly this tends to be a snack that i label as lunch.[back to text]